1992 Mitsubishi 3000GT SL 5spd Hatchback 2D 113K Miles


1992 Mitsubishi 3000GT SL FWD 5Spd

113,433 mi current odometer / Actual on vehicle is 425,500
Price:  $7,000.00
Located in Santaquin, Utah (one hour south of SLC)
V-6 DOHC 3.0 Liter 222HP
Recent Maintenance:
  •  Starter
  •  Tires, ceramic brakes
  •  Struts & boots
  •  Ignition coils
  •  Battery
  •  Alternator
  •  Paint
  •  Tranny repaired, 5 th gear overdrive replaced twice
  •  Sunroof regulator
  •  Hood struts
  •  OEM valve stem seals, Gen. 3 lifters, timing belt, gaskets
  •  Hood insulator
  •  Kenwood stereo and stubby antenna
  •  Max-Flow performance K&N air filter
  •  Service history: 1997-2023 total paid in maintenance $53,735 (avg. per year $2,066).
    Have all receipts. All work done by Dealer or independent professional service shops
    with ASE Certified technicians.

My 1992 Mitsubishi 3000GT-SL is a sporty and high-performance coupe that exemplifies the
cutting-edge automotive technology of its time. This sleek and stylish two-door model boasts a
distinctive exterior design, featuring pop-up headlights and smooth, aerodynamic lines that
contribute to its futuristic appearance. Under the hood, the 3000GT is powered by a 6 Cylinder,
3.0 liter, 222 hp engine with dual overhead cams that produces a strong and fast ride. This wide
body sports car offers solid handling at speeds well over 120 mph.
Inside, this sports classic offers a well laid out cluster of gauges that focus on ergonomics and
comfort. The interior is equipped with modern amenities for its time, including power-adjustable
seats, a premium sound system, and advanced electronic features. My car is located one hour
south of Salt Lake City, Utah. You will not find another 3000 GT in better condition inside and
out! Superbly maintained. Non-smoker. No engine racing modifications. Never driven hard or
raced. Original Owner’s Manual. Two original Mitsubishi Promo brochures. 1991 Motor Trend
Magazine issue “Import Car of the Year” – Mitsubishi 3000 GT.

Regular use of engine additives Z-Max, Slick 50, and Dura-Lube. Gas additives Lucas Upper
Cylinder Lubricant and SeaFoam. Always used full synthetic Pennzoil.
Extra keys. Custom modified drivers’ seat. Custom seat covers. No rust. Super clean in and
out. No cracks in glass. Sunroof with new aluminum regulator gear and weather seal. Always
garaged. Tinted windows.
My story: The ONLY reason I’m selling my 3000 is for financial reasons. I’m the third owner.
First owner sold it with 41,000 miles. Second owner only drove it on weekends. Car had 67,000
miles on it when I bought it. These cars sell for $10,000 to $20,000. You will not find another
3000 GT in better condition; engine, body, transmission, suspension, and interior. Minor
accidents: A deer hit passenger side. Rear-ended @ stop light. Front bumper backed into in
parking lot. All repairs done by professional custom body shop. New parts and new paint… No
paint oxidation anywhere on the whole car - new paint almost everywhere. Clean title. * Actual
vehicle mileage is 425,500. Original odometer died. Current odometer reads 113,400. Don’t let
the high miles fool you, this 3000 GT is solid in and out and ready for another 400,000 miles.
This sports car looks and performs like it has only 75,000 miles.
Important Note: The average miles driven per year for a car, according to a recent Car &
Driver Magazine article and the Federal Highway Administration (as of July 2023) is 13,476
miles. This is the nearly exact amount (13,280 miles) I drove my sports car per year! Here’s the
math: 425,500 miles divided by 32 years (that’s how old my car is) equals 13,280. And
remember, 90% of those miles were on dry freeways. So technically, my car has below average
miles on it for its year…


***If you are interested in this vehicle.  Please reach out to either the phone number or email in this add to directly reach the owner of this vehicle.***