3SX 14" Windshield Banner Decals

14x2" Die-Cut Vinyl Decals

3SX Windshield Banner Decals

14" x 2" Currently Available


 * Durable 3-mil Vinyl 

* Available in: Red, Silver, White

** Silver looks black in the image **



These die-cut decals add killer style to your:

Car/Toolbox/Locker/Fridge/Wife's bathroom mirror/Etc


Picture of 3SX Windshield Banner Decals
3SX Windshield Banner Decals
Help represent 3SX! Die-Cut Decals 14 x 2 for exterior mounting on window glasses, tool boxes, or anywhere else you want to stick them at. ** 4/22/19 - White is Out of Stock, eta 5/17/19 **
SKU: 3SX001213
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