3SX ABS Delete Kit w Stainless Steel Lines + OEM Prop Valve - 3000GT Stealth

SKU: ABSDeleteKit-3SX-SS

3SX Custom ABS Delete Kit
All Stainless Braided Lines w/ OEM Proportioning Valve


3SX has released a new ABS delete kit that uses custom stainless steel braided PTFE brake lines, paired with the OEM Mitsubishi Non-ABS brake proportioning valve. This allows you to eliminate the anti-lock braking system. The pump alone is nearly a 15 pound weight savings when removed. It also cleans up the engine bay by not having all those hard brake lines running around the passenger side to the pump and back.

The 3SX ABS Delete Kit includes all necessary lines and fittings to eliminate the ABS pump unit and the lines to it. The included lines and fittings go from the brake master cylinder to the new, and included, non-ABS proportioning valve, and then from the prop valve to the front brake lines. Our kit allows you to use your existing aftermarket brake lines from the wheel well to the caliper - so if you have an aftermarket/custom brake line kit, you can still use it!

The lines included with our ABS Delete Kit are custom made with professionally crimped stainless steel ends, and feature a clear silicone sheath/cover, to protect the braiding from the elements.

If you don't have aftermarket brake lines, we HIGHLY recommend the 3SX SS Brake Line Kits, as they can dramatically improve your braking performance. We also recommend the Tune-Up kit as you'll need the fluid, and SpeedBleeders make life much easier.




NOTE: You will need to fully bleed your brake system after installation.

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