3SX Performance Swaybars NA - 3000GT / Stealth FWD Non-Turbo

3SX Performance Sway Bars
3000GT/Stealth FWD

Front Sway Bar

Rear Sway Bar

Ever looked at the stock rear sway bar? Yes, its that little flimsy metal bar under the rear end. Upgrading your sway bars offers a significant increase in handling, drastically reducing body roll when cornering and helping to neutralize the gross understeer (snowplow effect - turn the wheel and car still pushes forward not turning) that these cars notoriously exhibit.

The stock rear sway bar on the non-turbos is a meager 3/8" diameter. These beefy bars are 1" diameter for the front and 7/8" for the rear and come with new polyurethane bushings and steel brackets, and offer a significant improvement in handling. NEW REAR BRACKET! The rear sway bars now have an updated bracket that includes bolts and goes behind the stock mount points.

Endlinks are NOT included but you can order OEM Swaybar Endlinks listed here.

* ENDLINK NOTES FOR FRONT SWAYBAR: The 3SX FWD Front bar measures about 44 inches wide at the ends (between where the endlinks mount). It has come to our attention that some of the early swaybars are wider and measure about 46 inches wide. We have found the "Z-shaped" endlink which is a stock part on one of the Diamante models offers the solution of having the two ends going in opposite directions which allows you to mount the swaybar on the cars with the wider stock bars. As the FWD bars do not include the endlinks, if you will be replacing them with the new bar (which we recommend) please be sure to measure your stock bar to know whether you need to order the Z-shaped links or the C-shaped links.


NOTE: The front bar will work on all FWD models, but the rear will only work on the DOHC models (91+ Stealth ES and RT, 91-96 3000GT Base, 91+ 3000GT SL.
The SOHC models will not accomodate a rear sway bar - there are no mounting points for the end-links.

We have installation guides in the 3SX Tech/FAQ.

Front Bar Installation

Rear Bar Installation

SOHC UPDATE! While the bar will not directly install on these cars, we have added a brief FAQ item showing the stock DOHC endlink mounting points so you can give that to your install shop with the bars and endlink hardware and they can fabricate the brackets and install your rear swaybar on your SOHC! Click here for details and pictures!


Picture of Swaybar NA Front 587U
Swaybar NA Front 587U
Picture of Swaybar NA Rear 496U
Swaybar NA Rear 496U
Picture of Swaybar NA 3SX Pair
Swaybar NA 3SX Pair
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