3SX Adj Cam Gears WITH Clear Covers 3S DOHC - 9192

3SX Adj Cam Gears WITH Clear Covers 3S DOHC - 9192
SKU: 3SXKIT000985

3SX Adjustable Cam Gears
with Clear Cam Gear Covers


Note:  This kit is only available for the 91-92 models.

91-92 DOHC 3000GT 
& Stealth

This is THE BUNDLE to save you a little cash! The 3SX Adjustable Cam Gears are proven to improve power output, and sometimes a necessity when custom building engines with decked heads or block, custom thickness head gaskets, or aftermarket cams in order to degree your engine and determine "true zero".


3SX Custom Adjustable Cam Gears

3SX developed and carries our own line of custom adjustable cam gears! Adjustable cam gears are not only dyno-proven to have power-adding benefits, but they are also nearly a requirement with some engine rebuilds. If you get into decking the heads or bock deck or BOTH, that obviously brings the cam closer to the crank which changes the individual timing settings of the cam gears in relation to the crank. And if you degree your engine with said work done, even STOCK cam gears will have your "zero" timing way off from where it should be. Plus adding aftermarket cam shafts into the mix can change "zero" depending on how the cam was ground. This can ONLY be solved by degreeing your engine and using adjustable cam gears to truly line things up. THEN you can adjust the +/- from there... 


3SX Custom Clear Timing Belt Cam Gear Covers

These are brand new clear polycarbonate timing belt covers available for the DOHC 6G72 engine in the 3000GT/Stealth/GTO.  They are direct replacements for the stock black covers and are only available for years 91-92 with the DOHC Twin Turbo and DOHC Non-Turbo engines!  This is a polycarbonate material and is stronger than plexiglass and more heat resistant.

Now you can show off your custom engine in STYLE, all the while protecting your timing from getting messed with or somethihng accidentally dropped down into the timing belt area from not running timing belt covers.

Note the 3SX Cam Gear Covers are year/engine specific, splitting between the 1991-1992 and 1993-1999 years. The rear cover is not interchangeable between the different year ranges so please select accordingly from the options menu below.