3SX Adjustable Cam Gears Set of 4 - Silver

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3SX Custom Adjustable Cam Gears
3000GT/Stealth DOHC TT & NA

3SX developed and carries our own line of custom adjustable cam gears! Adjustable cam gears are not only dyno-proven to have power-adding benefits, but they are also nearly a requirement with some engine rebuilds. If you get into decking the heads or block or BOTH, that obviously brings the cam closer to the crank which changes the individual timing settings of the cam gears in relation to the crank. And if you degree your engine with said work done, even STOCK cam gears will have your "zero" timing way off from where it should be. Plus adding aftermarket cam shafts into the mix can change "zero" depending on how the cam was ground. This can ONLY be solved by degreeing your engine and using adjustable cam gears to truly line things up. THEN you can adjust the +/- from there...

We designed our 3SX Adjustable Cam Gears with several distinct advantages over other cam gears on the market:

1) LIGHTEST - They are LIGHTER than any other cam gear on the market for the 3000GT/Stealth! This saves precious weight from your valve-train, which ultimately means less restriction on the motor. A full set of stock cam gears weighs 68.5 ounces (without the timing plate on the back gear). Fidanza gears weigh in at 58 ounces for a set of 4. The ones formerly made by Unorthodox weighed in at 48.8 ounces for a set of 4. The new Brian Crower cam gears are 48.5 ounces for a set of 4. These 3SX cam gears slip in at a mere 41.8 ounces for a set of 4! That's a 40% savings of over 1.6 pounds from the stock gears!!!

2) SIX LOCKING BOLTS - The 3SX cam gears use SIX locking bolts, versus 5 on the Fidanza, the new Brian Crower, or the no longer available Unorthodox gears. Also, they are stainless hex-head bolts, making tightening them to the proper torque easy using a small torque wrench with a socket (rather than the allen bolts that some of the other brands use).

3) DUAL MARKINGS - 3SX cam gears feature the timing marks on BOTH sides of the gears so you can check your mechanical time using the round dots on the front of the cam gears or the lines on the back of the cam gears. The Fidanza and Brian Crower gears only feature the timing mark on the front of the cam gear, with no marks on the backside. Also, the mechanical timing mark is a separate mark from the timing adjustment mark, making it easy to set the mechanical time and then separately make your timing adjustments.

These will work with all years (91-99) Twin Turbo and DOHC Non-Turbo engines. They will not work on the SOHC engines. They will work with stock valve-train components (cams, valves, springs, lifters, etc.) or any combination of stock/aftermarket engine components. They will fit under your stock timing belt covers as well.

Installed under the 3SX Clear Timing Belt Covers.

NOTE: These cam gears also fit on the 6G74 3.5-liter DOHC engines - the engine picture above is actually the 3SX Cam Gears on a 6G74 motor with 6G72 heads and cams.

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Timing Adjustments: On the 3000GT/Stealth, the center gear hub is turned clockwise in relation to the outer cog (i.e., the timing belt) to advance time, counter-clockwise to retard time, so you're advancing/retarding the cam in relation to the timing belt. Common settings are +1 advance on the intake cams (the inner 2) and -3 retard on the exhaust cams (the outer 2). These settings have been dyno tested to add TONS of power in the Twin Turbos! See the dyno graphs below for the proof:

Above: Cam Gears set at +/- 0 degrees (stock)
Below: Cam Gears set at +1 advance on intake, -3 retard on exhaust

Gains of 55 ft/lb and 57 hp at 19psi on the same car.


NOTE: The torque settings for the 6 adjustment bolts is 6 ft/lbs or 72 in/lbs.
The center bolt holding the cam gear to the camshaft is 65 ft/lb.

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