3SX Adjustable Control Arms - Replacement Tie Rod Ends and Heavy Duty Heim Rod Ends


3SX Adjustable Control Arm - Replacement Parts

All of the 3SX Adjustable Control Arms ship by default with heavy duty rod ends on BOTH ends as pictured here and on the listings. Since we originally developed these back around 2002, we have sold thousands and have used parts from various suppliers over the years. And as with any suspension component, they can wear out over time. We now offer the components of the arms separately should you need to replace them.


Tie Rod Ends

We have always used greasable tie rod ends. These are a 3/4" LEFT thread and are shipped as pictured with the jam nut, crown nut and cotter pin, and washer. Sold individually or as a pair.


Heim Joint Rod Ends

These are heavy duty heim ball joint rod ends. They are a zinc plated steel with PTFE-lubricated and carbon fiber reinforced plastic insert which should provide years of durability. Eric is still running the originals on his car from 2002 and it definitely sees the rigors of hard driving and track racing! These are a 3/4" RIGHT thread and are offered as a pair as pictured with the rod ends, jam nuts, and steel spacer sleeves. Or opt to get just the rod end with jam nut (no spacer sleeve) as a pair or a single rod end+nut.


Heim Joint Rod End Protective Boot Covers

These are rubber boot covers for the heim joint end of the 3SX Adjustable Control Arms (3/4-inch). They simply stretch out and slide over the rod end serving to help protect them from road grit and grime, extending the life of the ball joints. Sold as a pair or choose other Heim Joint Boot Cover purchase options.


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