3SX Adjustable Rear Control Arms - 3S NA FWD - Camber + Toe


3SX Adjustable Rear Control Arms

The ORIGINAL!! Developed by 3SX years ago, our custom adustable control arms for the non-turbo Stealth and 3000GT solve rear end alignment problems! When you lower your car, its pretty much a given that the rear wheels will have negative camber as the settings are almost maxed out with stock springs. 3SX designed adjustable arms for both camber and toe settings. Our research found that if you get the camber back into perfect spec, it gets the toe a little out of spec. So we offer control arms for both! Now you can get your cars rear alignment into perfect spec, which will get rid of the angled-in wheel look, and prevent expedited uneven tire wear.

In the picture above, the camber arms are the long arms, the toe arms are shorter.

The arms currently shipping are black as pictured below.


Our 3SX Adjustable Control Arms use top quality heavy duty FK rod ends, and premium MOOG Balljoints, designed for a long life on these heavy cars.

NOTE: These are NOT shipped with the endlinks pre-greased, you will need to grease them during installation.


Sold in PAIRS.


Rear Control Arm Heim Joint Protector Boots

Protect your investment by optionally adding the rubber boot covers to protect the heim joint ends of the rods - add the pair to cart separately.



Rear Control Arm Mounting Hardware

These SETS of the rear control arm mounting hardware for where the rear lateral control arms mount to the subframe. The AWD uses the regular bolts while the FWD uses the eccentric (offset) bolts. This hardware works with either the stock rear control arms and also the 3SX Adjustable Control Arms.

These bolts and other rear suspension hardware are all listed individually on the Rear Subframe Mounting Hardware listing. We set up these kits to save you a little money when ordering the hardware with your control arms. :-)

Sold as pictured for BOTH left and right control arms:
FWD/NA x2 Set includes 2 Eccentric Bolts + 2 Eccentric Plates + 2 Lock Washers + 2 Nuts
FWD/NA x4 Set includes 4 Eccentric Bolts + 4 Eccentric Plates + 4 Lock Washers + 4 Nuts

Add these to the cart separately choosing the X2 option for camber OR toe arms, and the X4 option for camber AND to arms.



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