3SX Adjustable Rear Control Arms - DSM 90-94 Gen1 AWD - Mitsubishi Eclipse Eagle Talon (Pair)

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3SX Adjustable Rear Control Arms
for 1st Gen Mitsubishi Eclipse AWD 1990-1994
and Eagle Talon AWD 1990-1994

The ORIGINAL! Developed by 3SX years ago, our custom adjustable rear control arms (camber arms) for the AWD DSM set the standard. These control arms alleviate the notorious problem with rear camber alignment after installing lowering springs or a coilover system. These control arms are a direct replacement for the stock rear arm - just remove the bolts, remove the arm, and install the 3SX adjustable control arm in its place. Dont settle for 1.5 or even 1.0 degrees negative camber - that wears out tires way faster than normal. These new adjustable arms will get your cars rear camber into perfect spec!!

Are you a hardcore racer? These give you ultimate versatility! Autocross and road course setup is easy where you can actually set a desired negative camber on the rear for better handling. Drag racer? Set POSITIVE camber so when the rear end squats during launch you get optimal tire patch and traction!

Note that these are the UPPER rear control arms - these will NOT work as the lower arms due to the swaybar endlinks mounting to the lower control arm.

Our 3SX Adjustable Control Arms use high quality heavy duty rod ends designed for a long life.

NOTE: These are NOT shipped with the endlinks pre-greased, you will need to grease them during installation.

Sold as a PAIR.


  4/20/18 - These are currently built to order, please allow 1-2 days 

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