3SX Aluminum Defroster Dash Vents - US LHD cars

3SX Custom Aluminum Dash Vents - LHD

If you can find a 3000GT or Stealth that does NOT have broken dash defroster vents, you've seen one of the rarest 3S's on the planet! LOL The notorious cracked dash vents is a well known problem. The solution is to replace them - just about everything has been tried to repair or re-stick the stock ones down. The problem with that "solution" is that the dash gets a mild warp over time and they will not lay down flat. The only real solution is the PULL THE DASH which is essentially a "weekend and a case" type job.

Ok, so nothing new there... But these can be installed WITHOUT removing the dash! They come with little plates that you clip under the dash and then screw these vents to those little holding clips. It's probably harder to get the old broken ones out than to get these bad boys installed! 

These aluminium pieces are WIDER than the stock vents. This allows them to actually sit on top of the dash. Most dashboards are warped and buckled - the ultimate cause of the stock vents breaking!

Having the vents sit atop the dash means they cover the scrappy "unfinished" look of the edges where the stock vents sit down in to supposedly be flush with the surface of the dash. But installing the stock plastic vents will surely only lead to them breaking again.

Brushed                             Bead Blast                           Black 

The 2 rings go on the underside of the photo-sensor or the plug so it has the thickness to actually clip in. Note, you may need to remove the glove box to unplug the photo-sensor.


The little clips are inserted just under the dash, then screw the vents down into them, clamping it to the dash.

Sold as a pair with installation hardware.

Installation Tips:

1. It might be helpful to notch the mouting hole on the farthest left mounting hole on the driver's side vent to allow for bolt clearance


2. Slip bolts through the vents and start threading flat tabs onto bolts

3. "Tuck" flat mount tabs into dash through old vent valley ( This will take some patience)

4. Use a finger to hold flat tabs to start threading until they grab against both sides of vash vent valley from bottom

5. Snug all bolts, but do not final tighten them until they are positioned properly

6. On passenger side vent, you might be able to use original center hole( some people choose to knock out all original mounting tabs for looks)


7. Stand back and enjoy your handywork!



Note: Picture below is forming marks on the brushed vents.


Note:  The brushed dash vents will have the forming marks as shown above.  We do have other options to reduce the marking.

Picture of 3SX Aluminum Dash Vents Pair - Bead Blast Finish
3SX Aluminum Dash Vents Pair - Bead Blast Finish
SKU: DashVentsAlum3SX-BB
Picture of 3SX Aluminum Dash Vents Pair - BLACK
3SX Aluminum Dash Vents Pair - BLACK
SKU: DashVentsAlum3SX-BLK
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