3SX Aluminum Defroster Dash Vents - JDM GTO RHD Right Hand Drive


3SX Custom Aluminum Dash Vents - Easy Install
JDM GTO RHD - Right Hand Drive!



If you can find a 3000GT or Stealth that does NOT have broken dash defroster vents, you've seen one of the rarest 3S's on the planet! LOL The notorious cracked dash vents is a well known problem. The solution is to replace them - just about everything has been tried to repair or re-stick the stock ones down. The problem with that "solution" is that the dash gets a mild warp over time and they will not lay down flat. The only real solution is the PULL THE DASH which is essentially a "weekend and a case" type job.

Aluminum dash vents. Ok, so nothing new there... But these can be installed WITHOUT removing the dash! They come with little plates that you clip under the dash and then screw these vents to those little holding clips. It's probably harder to get the old ones broken out than to get these bad boys installed! The other nice thing - they are one piece!

NOW we have these available for the RIGHT-hand-drive GTO / 3000GT models found in Japan, the UK, Australia, and a few other parts of the globe.  Available in the same 2 finishes: Brushed or Bead-Blasted


Brushed Finish Satin Bead Blast
Click for BIG pic showing detiail.

Sold as a pair with installation hardware.


If you would like to order these powder coated black, you can find them HERE


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