3SX Aluminum Intake Pressure Tester - Dual Source


3SX Aluminum Intake Pressure Tester - Dual Source


All new design! This intake pressure tester works both with shop air compressors and 12v tire compressors. The aluminum plate clamps perfectly in the intake tube - both Turbo and Non-Turbo models! - then you have the option of air sources. If using a shop compressor, just plug it in, set your pressure on the compressor to about 15-20 pounds, and compress the system. If using a tire compressor, replace the compressor hose fitting with the plug and you're set to go. This will allow you to listen for leaks in the system, or use a spray bottle filled with mild soapy water and watch for the bubbles!

The technicians here at 3SX use this on just about every car that comes in to check for leaks in old gaskets in the intake (plenum/throttle body) and intake and intercooler piping. You would be surprised at how much power can be LOST simply from a bad intercooler pipe connection.

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