3SX Crank Pulley Tool - Crank Pulley Removal & Installation Tool 3000GT / Stealth, Harmonic Balancer Holder


3SX Crank Pulley Tool

Fits OEM and Non-OEM Pulleys 




The crank pulley bolt is the single tightest bolt on the engine of a 3000GT/Stealth! This is a custom tool used to remove and re-install the OEM or OEM-replacement crank pulley / harmonic damper on the DOHC 3000GT and Stealth. The tool uses a pair of bolts which are threaded into the appropriate holes in the tool, and fit into the two holes in the stock crank pulley. You then use a 1/2" drive socket to hold the tool and crank pulley in place, then use a breaker bar (or torque wrench if tightening) on the center bolt of the crank pulley to loosen or tighten it.



While the original center bolt that holds the crank pulley to the crank has a 1/2" socket hole in the middle, we do NOT recommend using it as it can split the bolt. We recommend using a 22mm socket around the outer edge of the bolt for better grip. If your bolt is already split, we do sell the new crank pulley bolt, which is now solid. 



These pictures show the tool against an OEM pulley from a DOHC 3000GT / Stealth. You use the bolts on the inner holes on the tool.


ONLY for DOHC 3000GT / Stealth - NOT SOHC
NOTE: This tool will NOT work with the stock SOHC 3000GT/Stealth crank pulley as it does not have the 2 holes for using the tool. It will also not work with aftermarket aluminum pulleys as they also do not have the holes to accommodate this crank pulley tool.



We designed our tool to be more universal as many people replace their old and worn out stock crank pulley with a non-OEM dampened stock-replacement crank pulley that we offer. When using one of these aftermarket pulleys, you use the bolts in the outer holes on the tool.


Note the measurements on the non-OEM pulley for the 3000GT and Stealth. This tool may also be used on several other Mitsubishi engines that use a similar style crank pulley with the holes for use with the removal/installation tool.