3SX Custom Aluminum ALTERNATOR PULLEY for DOHC 3000GT Stealth GTO

3SX Custom Aluminum ALTERNATOR Pulley
Lightweight Pulley for Alternators
on DOHC 3000GT / Stealth / GTO

Yet another BRAND NEW PRODUCT developed by 3SX! We now have a lightweight aluminum pulley that fits the DOHC alternators on the 3000GT/Stealth/GTO! After several months in development and live testing on cars - it was on Eric's Stealth at NG14 - these are now ready for the world!

Weighing in at ONE THIRD the weight of the stock steel pulleys, these can work with the 3SX Lightweight Crank Pulley to help reduce the parasitic drag of the accessories on the engine. And if your stock one is damaged, the OEM ones are no longer available anyway! AND the stockers were more expensive! So replace that corroded and dinged alternator pulley with this light weight CNC billet aluminum pulley!


You will need to determine the correct one you have based on the information here.

As it turns out there are TWO different style alternator pulleys that were available on the DOHC 3S alternators. The original OEM alternators broke down based on production date, which is NOT exactly model year:

Build Date
Face Depth
1991 - 1993 early
9004.1 - 9207.3
1993 mid - 1999
9208.1 - 9912.3

The problem is that because these cars are the ages they are, your original alternator may have been replaced and you can not reliably order based off the build date. ALL of the DOHC alternators are interchangeable... AS AN ASSEMBLY. There ARE differences in the housings and their corresponding pulleys. The pulleys are NOT interchangeable between the different housings, but the complete housing with correct pulley will install on any year DOHC engine and the pulley will be correctly aligned with the other accessories and crank pulley.


Which Pulley Do I Need?

Looking at JUST the pulleys, they are different in the depth of the center hub (offset), and you can pretty easily determine which is which. If your alternator is NOT the original alternator you can use the following pictures to determine which actual pulley you need.

First the early style is stamped with a "100" on the front face and the later style has a "825" stamped on it. Note that aftermarket/replacement alternators may not have the numbers stamped so you will need to check depth.
The early style is shallower with about 9mm depth, the later style is about 15mm depth.

OEM "100" / 9mm Depth / 3SX-62    |     OEM "825" / 15mm Depth / 3SX-63

OEM "100" / 9mm Depth / 3SX-62    |     OEM "825" / 15mm Depth / 3SX-63

OEM "100" / 9mm Depth / 3SX-62    |     OEM "825" / 15mm Depth / 3SX-63
US penny used for quick depth test - pennies not included with pulley ;-)

OEM "100" / 9mm Depth / 3SX-62    |     OEM "825" / 15mm Depth / 3SX-63
protrusion of the center/hub on the back side of pulley


The following are pictures of the actual alternator housings and their differences

OEM "100" / 9mm Depth / 3SX-62
Alternator has much taller "snout" where the pulley mounts

OEM "825" / 15mm Depth / 3SX-63
Alternator has much flatter "snout" where the pulley mounts.


Significant Weight Savings

The 3SX alternator pulleys are about 1/3 the weight of their respective stock steel counterparts.

OEM "100"
OEM "825"
0.540 pounds
245 grams
0.191 pounds
87 grams
0.478 pounds
217 grams
0.166 pounds
75 grams


Installed Pictures

These pulleys are TESTED on actual cars to ensure they match the physical characteristics and dimensions of the factory alternator pulleys.


Installation TIP!
We recommend having/using an impact socket gun to remove and install the pulley. We use an old belt wrapped around the pulley to keep it from spinning while removing and re-tightening the nut. Do NOT use adjustable wrench/pliers on the bare pulley as you will damage the grooves which carry the belt.
*** 3SX will NOT be responsible for or replace a pulley damaged due to improper installation procedures. ***


Also Fits 6G74 DOHC 3.5-liter Alternator "835"

We learned that the alternator on the some of the DOHC 6G74 motors is stamped with "835" and is actually a slightly smaller diameter than the "825" 3S pulley. The 3SX-63 pulley DOES work on the alternator without issues.


SOHC NOTE: This will NOT work on the SOHC alternators as those use a 5-rib pulley. These are a 6-rib pulley for the DOHC alternators.


Check your alternator pulley prior to ordering and make sure you are ordering the CORRECT PULLEY. If you order the wrong pulley and bolt it to the alternator, then need to exchange it for the correct one, there will be a 20% restocking fee on the pulley as well as the shipping charge on the replacement pulley.


Picture of 3SX Custom Alternator Pulley 91-93e - 3SX-62
3SX Custom Alternator Pulley 91-93e - 3SX-62
SKU: Pulley3SXAlt9192-3SX62
Picture of 3SX Custom Alternator Pulley 93m-99 - 3SX-63
3SX Custom Alternator Pulley 93m-99 - 3SX-63
SKU: Pulley3SXAlt9399-3SX63