3SX Custom Aluminum EBRAKE Button Replacement E-Brake Button Parking Brake Hand Brake Button


3SX Custom Aluminum EBRAKE BUTTON
ALL 3000GT & Stealth 1991-1999
2G Eclipse/DSM 1995-1999
3G Eclipse 2000-2005
MKIV Toyota Supra 1993-1998
Lexus SC300 & SC400 1992-2000
2009 Mazda 6 (so likely all Gen2 2007-2012)
Mazda Miata 1999-2005

If you are anything like me, you have completely worn out your e-brake button from having clicked it about 184390274384 times! And while that incessant clicking has yet to fire the rocket to get the slowpoke out of the left lane, it HAS worn the stock plastic button down to a gnarly gnawed nubbin! BLECH!!


ALAS! 3SX has your solution! Now you don't have to replace the whole ebrake handle assembly! You can simply replace the button itself with a billet aluminum button - in your choice of colors!

You can opt for anodized black, anodized red, or plain silver. Any of them look better than your original one!

And you can even opt for a 3-pak and get all 3 colors and swap them out whenever you want! Once you finally get the stock one out, these easily thread into place. With the chamfered hole on the bottom, a quick little jiggle of the button when starting it threading on the rod inside the ebrake lever will center the rod and then thread the button down. Now you can fire away with a new trigger button haha!

NOTE: Listing is for the ebrake button only - above spring is not included - you reuse yours.


These go great with the new ebrake handles and shift+ebrake boot sets we offer!


Sold individually or opt for the 3-Pak and get 1 of each color.



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