3SX Custom ARP Main Stud Kit for 91-92 TT/VR4 2-Bolt Mains



3SX Custom ARP Stud Kit
* * 2-Bolt MAIN Stud Kit * *
1991-1992 Stealth Twin Turbo / 3000GT VR-4 Blocks

ANOTHER PRODUCT DEVELOPED at 3SX!  Designed and tested in-house, this is a custom made ARP stud kit specifically designed for the 91-92 TT/VR4 2-bolt main blocks. Our kit includes 8 studs+washers+nuts for the main cradle, and 4 bolts+washers for the vertical bolts in the cradle stay brackets. 

This is not an "off the shelf" kit repackaging existing parts designed for other engines that really aren't right for the 6G72...  3SX uses custom made exclusive to 3SX studs that are the proper dimensions for the AWD 2-bolt 6G72 block!

This kit has been tested to withstand 747 torque and 811 hp - at the wheels on our AWD dyno - which is well beyond the limits of the stock bolts.


Torque specs using ARP Lube (included with kit!):
90 ft/lb on the 8 main girdle/cradle nuts - studs go into block finger tight, then tighten nuts in 3 steps - 30/60/90 ft/lb.
62 ft/lb on the 4 vertical 3SX/ARP stay bolts going into the block.
35 ft/lb on the 4 horizontal stock stay bolts going into the cradle/girdle.
Torque sequence according to service manual.


NOTE: This will NOT work for the FWD/NA 3000GT/Stealth blocks. It is ONLY for the 91-92 Twin Turbo/VR4 Blocks with the 2-bolt main cradle and 4 cradle stays.

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