3SX Custom Lightweight Aluminum Crank Pulley STOCK Sized - 3000GT / Stealth

3SX Custom Aluminum Crank Pulley Kit
Stock Size DOHC for 3000GT & Stealth


Originally designed and developed by 3SX, we have an aluminum crank pulley for the Stealth and 3000GT DOHC Turbo and non-turbo and all SOHC motors. The unique feature of this pulley is that it is STOCK size! This is NOT an underdrive pulley, does not slow down any of your accessories, and uses the stock sized belts! What's the benefit? It is made from CNC 6061 machined billet aluminum and weighs 1 pound 11 ounces! WAY less than the nearly 7-pound stock crank pulley, and the underdrive pulley weighs only 5 ounces less at 1 pound 6 ounces. This means you free up horsepower to the wheels.

The advantage it offers over the other pulleys, being stock size, is that it does not slow down accessories and cars with significant stereo systems or other major electrical demands on the car can now get the power increase without sacrificing the electrical charging system.

Available with or without quality Gatorback belts.

Available for ALL years and models (91-99 SOHC/DOHC/TT)


Crank Pulley Comparisons

The crank pulley is the outer pulley on the crank shaft and drives the accessories (alternator, AC compressor, power steering pump). A common upgrade in the past has been to install an underdrive pulley which significantly decreases the weight of the pulley and weight the crank has to turn, as well as slow down the alternator and AC compressor by reducing the size of the outer belt cog. The 3SX custom stock size crank pulley offers the same benefits of the reduced weight, but maintains the same size as the stock crank pulley, thus does not slow down the accessories (which offers only minimal benefit versus the weight reduction from stock) AND is available for ALL years/makes/models of the 3000GT and Stealth!

  • Stock: 6.7 pounds, steel with rubber dampening/balancing inserts
  • 3SX: 1.7 pounds, CNC-machined billet aluminum, available for all years/models
  • 3SX Underdrive : 1.5 pounds, CNC-machined billet aluminum, not available for 91 DOHC or SOHC models

Horsepower increases from aluminum pulleys are about 8-10, with the difference in the stock size and underdrive being minimal.

Stock OEM Pulley = 18.75-inch around || 3SX Stock Size Pulley = 18.65-inch around


NOTE: Select between the 1991 DOHC model which had a V-Belt for the power steering (the smaller inner belt), the 92-99 DOHC model with the serpentine belt for the power steering, or the 91-99 SOHC model.


Don't wait for THIS to happen...

That flying steel ring can wreak havoc! There are known cases of a blown stock pulley taking out the whole engine due to damaging the timing belt.



OEM Crank Pulley BOLT

We also recommend replacing your center bolt for your crank pulley if yours is rounded or split.


3SX Stock Crank Pulley Removal Tool

The crank pulley bolt is the single tightest bolt on the engine of a 3000GT/Stealth! This is a custom tool used to remove and re-install the OEM or OEM-replacement crank pulley / harmonic damper on the DOHC 3000GT and Stealth. The tool uses a pair of bolts which are threaded into the appropriate holes in the tool, and fit into the two holes in the stock crank pulley. You then use a 1/2" drive socket to hold the tool and crank pulley in place, then use a breaker bar on the center bolt of the crank pulley to loosen it.
NOTE: This tool does NOT work with the 3SX Aluminum Crank Pulleys - ONLY the DOHC OEM and Non-OEM dampened crank pulleys. So while it will not help you install the aluminum pulley listed here, it WILL help you remove the old factory one.


Check your engine / existing crank pulley prior to ordering and make sure you are ordering the CORRECT PULLEY. The DOHC 91 with the V-belt driven power steering pump and the DOHC 92-99 with the 4-rub serpentine belt driving the power steering pump are NOT interchangeable. If you order the wrong pulley and bolt it to the engine, then need to exchange it for the correct one, there will be a 20% restocking fee on the pulley as well as the shipping charge on the replacement pulley.

To clarify again:
The 1991 DOHC uses a V-belt on the inner channel for the power steering.
The 1992-1999 DOHC uses a 4-rib serpentine belt on the power steering.


Picture of 3SX Custom Crank Pulley Stock Sized DOHC 92-99
3SX Custom Crank Pulley Stock Sized DOHC 92-99
Picture of 3SX Custom Crank Pulley Stock Sized DOHC 92-99 w/Belts
3SX Custom Crank Pulley Stock Sized DOHC 92-99 w/Belts
Picture of 3SX Custom Crank Pulley Stock Sized DOHC 91V
3SX Custom Crank Pulley Stock Sized DOHC 91V
Picture of 3SX Custom Crank Pulley Stock Sized DOHC 91V w/Belts
3SX Custom Crank Pulley Stock Sized DOHC 91V w/Belts
Picture of 3SX Custom Crank Pulley Stock Sized SOHC
3SX Custom Crank Pulley Stock Sized SOHC
Picture of 3SX Custom Crank Pulley Stock Sized SOHC w/Belts
3SX Custom Crank Pulley Stock Sized SOHC w/Belts
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