3SX Custom Crank Underdrive Pulley 1992 - 1999 3000GT/Stealth

3SX Custom UNDERDrive Crank Pulley Kit
1992-1999 DOHC 3000GT & Stealth

3SX now offers our own underdrive pulley! Whats the benefit? It is made from CNC 6061 machined billet aluminum and weighs only 1 pound 6 ounces! Way less than the nearly 7-pound stock crank pulley. This means you free up horsepower to the wheels. Available with or without quality belts.

NOTE: If you are running an aftermarket stereo of any significance (external amps, etc), we recommend the 3SX Stock Sized Pulley rather than this underdirve - the underdrive slows down the speed of you alternator (thus reducing its overall charging capacity).

Crank Pulley Comparisons

The crank pulley is the outer pulley on the crank shaft and drives the accessories (alternator, AC compressor, power steering pump) and replacing it with a lightweight pulley is one of the most common upgrades for performance vehicles since its lighter weight reduces drag on the crank and engine, netting more power from the engine. 3SX offers 2 versions - an underdrive pulley that is smaller than stock size to maximize weight reduction and reduce the speed of the alternator/AC (thus reduce drag) or a stock sized pulley that offers the same benefits of the reduced weight, but maintains the same size as the stock crank pulley, thus does not slow down the accessories (which offers only minimal benefit versus the weight reduction from stock).

  • Stock: 6.7 pounds, steel with rubber dampening/balancing inserts
  • 3SX Stock Size: 1.7 pounds, CNC-machined billet aluminum, available for all years/models
  • 3SX Underdrive: 1.5 pounds, CNC-machined billet aluminum, available for 92-99 DOHC engines

Stock Sized                                                      Underdrive

Horsepower increases from aluminum pulleys are about 10-15, with the difference in the stock size and underdrive being minimal.

NOTE: Available for the 1992-1999 DOHC 3000GT/Stealth. Will NOT work on the 1991 DOHC which uses the V-belt for the power steering and will not fit the SOHC models.

We also recommend replacing your center bolt for your crank pulley if yours is rounded or split.

Picture of 3SX Custom Crank Pulley UNDERdrive 92+ DOHC
3SX Custom Crank Pulley UNDERdrive 92+ DOHC
Picture of 3SX Custom Crank Pulley UNDERdrive 92+ DOHC w BELTS
3SX Custom Crank Pulley UNDERdrive 92+ DOHC w BELTS