3SX Custom Engine Dressup Kits with Silicone Hose + Split Wire Loom + Tape


3SX Custom Engine Dressup Kits

BLACK, BLUE, and RED available

Take pride in popping your hood! Get this kit and jazz up your engine compartment with colored silicone hosing from ThermalFlex, colored wire loom from Taylor, and colored vinyl tape.

( Black shown above )

(Red kit shown)

( Blue kit shown )


The kit includes silicone hose and wire loom in various sizes to replace and cover most of the hoses and lines under the hood, and a roll of matching 1" vinyl tape to secure the loom ends. Kit allows you to replace vacuum hoses, washer fluid hoses, and cover visible wiring and cabling under the hood like power and ground from the battery and starter, throttle control cables, shifter cables, fuel injector control lines, etc. Hose and loom are not pre-cut, so you just remove, match length, cut, and replace as you go!

Please note this kit contains silicone vacuum hose in 4/6/8/10mm, split loom in 4 sizes, and vinyl tape. While other components are obviously pictured above in a complete engine bay, no other components are included.

Radiator hoses, strut bars, valve covers, plug wires, etc., are NOT included.