3SX Custom Fuel Kits - COMPLETE KITS - Bulkhead Sending Unit w/Twin RT 340lph Fuel Pumps, Filter, FPR, Lines, Rails, for 3000GT Stealth

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3SX Custom COMPLETE Fuel Kits - BIG FUEL

3SX Fuel Hat Bulkhead Sending Unit Assembly
with twin Racetronix 340LPH Fuel Pumps - 
COMPLETE with Pumps, Filter, FPR, Rails, Lines 


We have fully revised our 3SX BIG Fuel Kits!

The twin 340LPH E-85 Compatible pumps which can support up to 1500hp (typical flow 750LPH+ @ 43.5PSI @ 13.5V)

These kits include custom aluminum bulkheads that are basically the LAST sending unit you'll ever buy! They are set up with AN10 ports for feed and AN8 ports for return - meaning they can be adapted down to serve as a stock replacement unit on a stock SOHC or adapted to run however much fuel and power you are going for! The wiring is properly insulated and "epoxied" in place ensuring a safe seal for the electrical connections. The single hanger bracket accommodates all of the "smaller" pumps from Walbro, Aeromotive, and AEM.

All of these sending unit bulkhead kits INCLUDE a new OEM gasket/seal for where the sending unit mounts to the tank.

The fuel gauge level/bobber assembly is NOT swap your own onto this assembly

3SX Fuel Sending Unit with Twin 340Lph Pumps and Fittings

These fuel kits include the following parts:

3SX custom aluminum Fuel Hat / Bulkhead
(2x) Racetronics 340LPH E85 Capable Pumps
FueLab AN8 Fuel Filter w 6u Fiberglass Element
FueLab Electronic FPR to Manage Prodigy Filter
3SX Fuel Rails
Phenix Fittings and Adapters
All PTFE Fuel Lines -6AN
Complete set of Lines and Adapters "Tank to Tank" Feed & Return
OEM Fuel Sending Unit Gasket

Pump # / HP Rating
Flow LPH
Flow GPH
42401 - 1500 hp(Fossil)

NOTE: All the fuel lines included in our 3SX fuel kits are crimped lines and made with stainless braided PTFE fuel line. PTFE is compatible all automotive fuels (gasoline, e85, methanol additives, etc) so these kits will be compatible with whatever system you are building!

Installation Notes

1) You will have to transfer your original gauge sender and bobber from your old sending unit to this one. It's only 2 screws.

2) You will also have to wire this unit into your factory system.  Instructions are included.

3) Disconnecting the factory fuel sending line can be a challenge. This hose can often get corroded or damaged from trying to remove it to either drop the fuel tank or remove the fuel sending unit.  It is recommended that you disconnect this line FIRST from the long line running up under the vehicle rather than at sending unit - the line's ends are not swivels and can damage the sending unit if you try to disconnect it there first. You can see this line from under the car near between the tank and rear subframe assembly as pictured here.

4) You may need to modify the fuel sending unit cover plate a little to allow for clearance of the fittings. Alternately, you could just space it up as it is not a "sealed" cover.

5) A new OEM fuel pump sending unit gasket/seal IS included!


Wiring Harness Plug End
Now that we have sourced various harness plug connectors, we are also INCLUDING the male and female 3SX 6-pin 2x3 Harness Plug Connectors so you can more easily wire your new bulkhead to plug into the stock wiring!

If your fuel sending unit looks like this one below, then you NEED one of these kits!!!

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