3SX Custom Fuel Kits - Stock Fuel Tank Sending Unit to Stock Fuel Filter

3SX Custom Fuel Kits

Stock Fuel Sending Unit / Bulkhead to Stock Fuel Filter Hard Inlet Line -AN6

3000GT / Stealth

This is a custom fuel kit that runs the length under the car replacing the main feed line from the tank to the filter. This kit uses the 3SX-developed custom adapter to properly seal against the outlet of the stock fuel sending unit in the fuel tank, and runs under the car up to connect to the hard line attached to the bottom of the stock fuel filter.

This kit offers future versatility as well. If you later decide to upgrade to one of our fuel filter kits or underhood fuel kits, you simply disconnect the line from the stock filter, remove the adapter, and you are left with a standard 6AN female line end for the connection!

The adapter goes on the fuel sending unit outlet and connects to the straight end of the long line. The 90-degree end connects to the AN-to-Metric adapter which connects to the C-shaped hard line going to the bottom of the fuel filter.


All the fuel lines included in our 3SX fuel kits are crimped lines and made with stainless braided PTFE fuel line. PTFE is compatible with all automotive fuels (gasoline, e85, methanol additives, etc) so these kits will be compatible with whatever system you are building!


Stock Fuel Filter & Connecting Hardware

If you need a new OEM fuel filter or any of the connecting bolts and hardware, we have the banjo bolts, c-shaped hard connector line, etc., all listed under the Stock Fuel Filter listing.

Picture of 3SX Fuel Kit - Stock Sending Unit to Fuel Filter Hard Line
3SX Fuel Kit - Stock Sending Unit to Fuel Filter Hard Line
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