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3SX Custom Fuel Kit
Fuel Pressure Regulator + Lines Kit -6AN

3SX offers a custom kit to replace your stock fuel pressure regulator with a high quality FueLab adjustable FPR. The benefit is it includes all the lines and fittings to plug straight into your stock fuel system, connecting to the back fuel rail and the stock return line exiting the engine bay.

You can opt to get the kit with or without a fuel pressure gauge, though a gauge will be necessary for tuning the regulator.

NOTE: The FPR kit includes a longer line, which allows a lot more flexibility in mounting the FPR. 3SX typically installs it against the firewall using a pair of self-tapping screws (not included in kit)

Example of 3SX FPR Kit Installed

While this is by no means the only way to install the FPR kit, it is one way we installed it on a customer car.

The following is complete underhood kit with filter and FPR and loop and gauge.
Our lines now have BLACK end fittings and a BLACK FueLab FPR as pictured at top.

NOTE: If you will be running E85 or other alcohol based fuel, you will need to also get the one of the stainless steel filter elements to put in your filter. The elements are listed here. The kit includes the 3-inch filters.


NOTE: All the fuel lines included in our 3SX fuel kits are crimped lines and made with stainless braided PTFE fuel line. PTFE is compatible all automotive fuels (gasoline, e85, methanol additives, etc) so these kits will be compatible with whatever system you are building!

Picture of 3SX Fuel Kit UH03 - FPR+Lines+Gauge
3SX Fuel Kit UH03 - FPR+Lines+Gauge
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Picture of 3SX Fuel Kit UH04 - FPR+Lines NO Gauge
3SX Fuel Kit UH04 - FPR+Lines NO Gauge
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