3SX Custom High-Capacity Single Pass Radiator 3000GT / Stealth (Manual Trans Only)


3SX Custom High-Capacity Single-Pass, Drop-In Radiator
for 91-99 3000GT / Stealth with MANUAL TRANSMISSION

* 6/15/21 - Radiator Brackets are Backordered, they'll ship later 

3SX brings you the ultimate alternative to your old and tired stock radiator. We have our single pass radiator - ideal for any 3/S from Stock, to BPU, to ho hyper-performance track cars!

This unit drops into place, and works with BOTH stock or aftermarket slim fans.

The BIG advantage of this radiator is the fact that is has a 2-inch thick core! Sure, the Koyo also has a 2" core, but our ties directly to our radiator manufacturer allow us to bring you our radiator at a significant price savings.

These left & right brackets are included with the radiator...


Radiator Comparison:
Top: Stock Non-Turbo
Middle: Stock TT and Non-Turbo Automatic
Bottom: 3SX Hi-Capacity Single Pass Radiator!


Will work for all manual transmission 3000GT/Stealths.

NOTE: This will NOT work for 3000GT/Stealths with the automatic transmission as it does not have the integrated transmission oil cooler.


FANS NOTE: If you are installing this radiator with one of our 3SX TD05 Turbo Kits, we recommend you run one of the Imperial Universal Fans on the driver's side (10" works great and is what we install locally) and the THIN stock fan on the passenger side.

NOTE: Take EXTREME caution when installing this (or any) radiator in a 3000GT/Stealth as the bolt/nut/stud on the driver's side of the AC condenser (in front of the radiator) does stick out and can damage the core when you are installing the radiator. We recommend not attaching the fans to the radiator until AFTER you have dropped the radiator in place. The stock fans are slotted on the bottom mount points so you can start the lower fan mount screws, then drop the radiator in place, then slide the fans in and tighten the screws. It is recommended that you cut off the outer part of these studs (particularly Gen2) to allow improved clearance with any oversized radiator (3SX or other brands). We also recommend that you slide a sheet of cardboard down in FIRST to be against the AC condenser and cover the bolts before sliding the radiator in place - that will provide a layer of protection against damaging the radiator during installation.
See the pics below for details - click small pics for larger pics.

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Gen1 1991-1993 3000GT/Stealth
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Gen1 1991-1993 3000GT/Stealth
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Gen2 1994-1999 3000GT/Stealth
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Gen2 1994-1999 3000GT/Stealth

3SX will not be responsible for damage due to mis-installation.


Radiator Support Bracket/Panel Options

...or you can opt to get the full cover support panel in plain aluminum or chrome finish!