3SX Custom Hood Struts / Hood Shocks


3SX Custom Quick-Release Hood Struts - OEM or Light-Weight

3SX now offers custom hood struts!! They are a quick-release style for easily removing the hood without having to unbolt everything and potentially strip out the hoods threads. As an added bonus and unique to 3SX, we offer TWO different versions. We have a standard High-Tension version for use with the stock steel hood, and a Low-Tension version for use with aftermarket fiberglass and carbon-fiber hoods!!!

NEW OFFERING! We realize that some aftermarket hoods include SMALLER threads in the hood where the hood struts mount. In response to that, we now offer the option of getting our hood struts with custom milled smaller 6mm thread pitch bolts to fit these select aftermarket hoods. The stock hood as well as the 3SX hoods use M8 sized threads where the hood struts mount to the hood. Verify on your hood prior to rdering.

NOTE: Some aftermarket hoods do NOT have ports installed to allow for using hood struts. We do NOT recommend simply drilling out a hole to install and use the 3SX hood struts as the hood material is probably not strong enough to allow the use of hood struts without damaging the hood. The 3SX Stinger hoods are specifically designed with internal hardware to accommodate the hood struts and the tensions they place on a composite material hood.

Sold as a pair.

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