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3SX Custom Polyurethane Bushing Kits
Suspension / Chassis / Drivetrain
3000GT & Stealth

3SX has brought back the popular polyurethane bushing kits. Ultimately, 3SX bought out the molds and production rights form the former manufacturer who stopped making them for us, and we are now producing these kits once again!


NOTE: The above picture is various parts for picture purposes, not a single complete kit.

Bushing kits for the 3000GT/Stealth! Our beloved cars are only getting older and time has a nasty way of taking its toll on various parts of the car. Rubber bushings over the years suffer from wear and dry-rot, resulting in a "looser" car. There are a lot of rubber bushings throughout the underside of the car for suspension, drivetrain, and subframe components. These custom made bushing kits replace various rubber bushings with polyurethane bushings, resulting in a better performing car as the various underside components affected don't have unwanted extraneous movement.

And with the 2014 re-introduction of these kits we have improved them by using a stronger poly than before! We are now using the same poly stiffness as what we have been using in our 3SX Poly Motor Mounts for over 10 years. This will result in both a better car after replacing the worn rubber bushings as well as a longer lasting bushing to support these heavy cars.

We have 7 kits available for both AWD and FWD platforms.

Kit #
Kit #1
3S AWD Suspension 91-94early (#)
Kit #2
3S AWD Suspension 94mid-99 (#)
Kit #3
3S AWD Rear Differential + Carriers 91-99
Kit #4
3S AWD Subframe 91-99
Kit #5
3S FWD Suspension 91-94early (#)
Kit #6
3S FWD Suspension 94mid-99 (#)
Kit #7
3S FWD Subframe 91-99

What components are replaced with the kits? They are itemized in the 3SX Bushing Kit FAQ!! The individual installation instruction PDF files are also available for download to preview the installation process.


(#) Control Arms Through The Years & 3SX Suspension Bushing Kits

(#) NOTE: You MUST pay attention to the build date when ordering the suspension bushing kits. The suspension bushings fit based on build date, which is NOT the same as model year when it comes to the 93 and 94 models (e.g., early 94 model year needs the Gen1 Suspension kit). Build date is located on the VIN Plate in your door jam - details.

Model Year Range Build Date Suspension Kit
AWD & FWD 1991-1994early Apr 90 - Sept 93 #1 AWD | #5 FWD
AWD & FWD 1994mid-1999 Oct 93 - Dec 99 #2 AWD | #6 FWD

Mitsubishi changed how the control arms were made, specifically with regards to the BIG rear main bushing. The 1991-1994early arms were all a round bushing with a steel sleeve (at left above). The 1994mid-1999 ones have that bushing on the arm and a separate bracket that clamped to the subframe to hold the bushing - that bushing had a bit of a triangular shape to it (at right in the above image).


NOTE: You MUST pay attention to the installation instructions included - most of the stock bushings are NOT pressed out, but melted out, leaving the steel outer sleeves intact in the original component. 3SX will NOT be responsible for faulty installation of these kits.



Read the above notes and confirm your build date prior to ordering. Restocking fees will apply if you order the wrong year Suspension Bushing Kit, and partially installed kits can NOT be exchanged - you will have to buy the correct kit.