3SX Custom Forged Rods for 6G72 with ARP2000 Rod Bolts 3000GT/Stealth

SKU: Rods3SX-3S30Set6Kit

3SX Custom Connecting Rods - 3000GT / Stealth

3SX offers custom rods for the 6G72 from a respected rod manufacturer! These are a full set of custom made forged 4340 steel H-beam connecting rods for the 6G72 DOHC engines, designed to work in high horsepower applications. They are strengthened around the crank and piston-pin journals to better disperse the forces. Also, the piston pin journal has an oil groove to help with oil circulation around the pin. These are designed to work with the stock crank and 0.866" diameter wrist pins - all of our Ross pistons include stock-sized free-floating pins so will pair perfectly with these rods. We also include ARP-2000 rod bolts so you can be sure you are getting only the best parts for your custom engine build!


NOTE: These will not work with stock OEM pistons as those are not designed for full-floating setup - the stock pistons don't used spirallocks or wirelocks, the pins are pressed into the stock rods and the piston floats on the pin. There would be no means to keep the pins centered on the stock pistons. These rods WILL work with aftermarket pistons designed for a full-floating setup and running the 3S standard 0.866" wrist pin, including the 3SX-spec Ross pistons, Mahle pistons, and Wiseco pistons we carry.

These rods are have been dyno tested and street proven to over 800 AWHP.

TORQUE SPECS:  The included ARP Rod Bolts should be torqued to 55 ft/lb with ARP Lube, or if you are using a stretch gauge, .0055" of stretch