3SX Custom Rubber OEM-Replacement Motor Mounts / Engine Mounts 3000GT Stealth All Years


3SX Custom Motor Mounts
OEM-Replacement Rubber Damper Mounts
For All Years/Models 3000GT and Stealth

3SX is "bringin' it" again!  We have made OEM-replacement mounts to complement our 3SX Solid Polyurethane Mounts offering a purely stock replacement engine mount set.  These are direct replacements for the stock dampened rubber mounts, so if you are worried about running one of the solid mount options, and hesitant to pay the OEM mount prices (who can blame you!?) then THIS is your solution!

There is no "1st gen" or "2nd" gen on these mounts... They are ALL "second generation" mounts in that the upper engine mount is the aluminum casing (versus the 1st gen steel boat anchor!).  They will work on all years and models of the Mitsubishi 3000GT / GTO and Dodge Stealth.

What's even BETTER?
These are brand new mounts, and there's no core charge as we don't need your old ones back.


3SX HIGHLY recommends replacing your engine mounts NOW.
  The youngest of the 3000GT/Stealth is at least 10 years old.  Time and wear lead to your engine mounts potentially looking like these pictured here - actual cores sent in from customers - we get TONS that look like this and worse...  The engine moving around more than it should due to bad mounts can lead not only to random clunks and bangs, but also actually damage things like axle seals, downpipe flex sections, transfer case seals, u-joints and carrier bearings, and more.  All of these can cost WAY more than simply solving the actual root of the problem and replacing the motor mounts.

Bad.... Very bad.



When installing these motor mounts, we recommend that you leave the bolts a little loose until all bolts are in place, then tighten them leaving the front for last as the larger bored pin is specifically to allow for variances in vehicle production.  Leaving the bolts loose until all are in place will allow the engine to easily pivot and move around while you are getting the other mounts in place.  You will most likely need at least a big pry-bar to push/lift the engine to get the mounts to line up.  You can also use a jack on the underside to support the engine/transmission - DO NOT LIFT BY THE OIL PAN as this will dent the bottom pickup bowl and can lead to catastrophic engine failure.  And engine hoist with a leveler will also work as that will allow you to easily lift and tilt the engine as needed.


NOTE: If you need to replace any of the mounting hardware, it is listed here.

* Priced Individually * 

We have received our stock order of these new engine mounts and they are ready to ship to you!


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