3SX Custom Stainless Pre-Turbo Intake Pipes TD04 PreTurbo Pipes Pre Turbo Pipes 3000GT Stealth


3SX Custom Stainless Steel Pre-Turbo Intake Pipes
for TD-04 Draw-Thru Setup


This is an intake pipe upgrade for the 3000GT/Stealth/GTO that replaces the "preturbo" intake pipes - the rubber pipes between the intake splitter and the inlets of the turbos.

When installing these pre-turbo pipes, you DO have to use the rubber "spacers" that are in the stock pipes that adapt the pipe/coupler down to the smaller inlet size of the turbo.  Simply pull the rubber ring out of the stock pre-turbo pipe and slide it into the silicone coupler.  Then the coupler slides onto the turbo inlet.  Clamp into place.

** Front Turbo will have a black coupler regardless **

The spacers are required for stock turbos, 3SX Eliminators, 13g/13t, 15g, 16t, DR550, DR650, and other "stock housing" TD04 turbos. NEW! See below - we now offer the option of getting these pipes WITH reducers that directly mate the pipe to the turbo inlet pipe.

The 3SX Enforcers, 3SXecutioners, most 19T and the DR750 turbos have a modified compressor housing inlet with a 2-inch outer diameter, so the straight coupler will fit right on the turbo without the use of the spacers or reducers.


The kit includes the 2 pipes, 2 coupler tubes (one straight, one slightly angled), and 4 hose clamps. You can also opt to get JUST the pair of pipes if you already have couplers.

NOTE: If you have eliminated the need for the vacuum nipples, we offer vacuum caps separately.  You will need one of each 1/4-inch and 1/2-inch for these pipes.


Opt for Reducers!

We now offer these pipes with reducer couplers to directly connect to your turbo inlets! Note that the reducers will not work on the TD04 turbos with the modified larger inlet snouts like 3SX Enforcers, 3SXecutioners, the typical 19T turbos, and DR750 turbos - those turbos use the straight couplers that come with the pipes.


Conversion Upgrade for Blow Thru Setup!!!

If you have a GM Maf and a Maf Translator. This is what you will need to remove the stock 3S Maf. This is only half the process when removing the stock maf and converting your system to a GM Maf.

Note: The aluminum tube will NOT be cut prior to shipping to you. You will need to measure and cut the aluminum tube accordingly.

Note2: Pre-Turbo Pipes are NOT Included with this Add-On