3SX Front Mount Oil Cooler Kit - Core + Lines + Fittings - FMOC

3SX Custom Oil Cooler Kit
FMOC - Front Mount Oil Cooler

3SX has introduced our custom front mount engine oil cooler kit! Designed for the twin turbo cars, this kit replaces your stock oil cooler setup with custom AN lines and fittings, and an oversized B&M oil cooler core measuring 8.5" x 11" and 1.5" thick. It's a kit that is larger and WAY cheaper than the stock oil cooler setup, should yours need replacing.

It's also the perfect addition for the owners doing the twin turbo conversion - you will, however, also need the turbo oil filter housing for the feed/return hookups.

Our kit uses professionally crimped stainless braided PTFE lines to ensure a long and leak-free life.

NOTE: This kit, while "bolt on" is easiest installed with the front bumper removed. It does require you to move or remove the driver side horn as the bracket uses its mount holes. Also, you may need to alter/bend the power steering "loop" that runs across the front of the car so it clears the oil cooler core. And you may need to trim the plastic shrouds between the bumper and lower part of the radiator.

NOTE: The 2 fittings going into the cooler core are NPT fittings - meaning they taper in - so the angled fittings will NOT thread all the way into the core. Simply thread them in until they are tight. You can use teflon tape as well.

Picture of 3SX Front Mount Oil Cooler Kit - 3SX FMOC
3SX Front Mount Oil Cooler Kit - 3SX FMOC
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