3SX Fuel Injector Rebuild Kit

As these cars get older, injectors get clogged creating reduced performance, and in some cases with the Turbo cars leading to detonation and destroyed engines. Rather than buy new injectors, these allow you to rebuild your old ones back to factory spec.
SKU: 3SXKIT001218

3SX Fuel Injector Tune-Up + Seal Kit

Have a hard miss? Bad batch of Winter gas?? Loss of Power???

These complete fuel injector tune-up kits from 3SX are just the ticket when it comes to giving your injectors a new outlook on life!

The Kit includes:

* 6 Upper Inlet Filters

* 6 Rail O-Rings (NOTE: Colors differ on o-rings)

* 6 Upper Isolators

* 6 Lower Isolators


 * You'll have to re-use your original lower pintle caps

** Note: Grimy Injector and super-sweet 3SX Power button not included