3SX Heads Stage 0 - Valve Job


3SX Heads - "Stage 0"
Valve Job

This is our most basic "head refresher" option.  They are essentially stock heads that have been disassembled and refreshed back to "like new" condition.  The guides are spec'd-n-check'd and replaced if necessary.  New valve stem seals are installed.  And they are given a valve job to fully reseat the valves.  Stock valves and springs+retainers are re-installed.  And finally they are given a fresh decking to ensure a flat surface and ready to install in your engine!


CORE CHARGE: A Core Charge is included in the price when added to your shopping cart. This amount is refunded to you in the same method you paid (back to card or Paypal account, or check for Money Order payments) once 3SX receives your core parts in rebuildable/reusable condition per the core parts policies. You can send your heads in advance to avoid the core charges.

3SX Core Parts Return Form
Need a copy of the Core Return Form? Download and print it here!


NOTE: Price is for a PAIR of heads.


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