3SX Intake Runner Covers / Cover Panels - Set of 3

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3SX Custom Intake Runner Cover Panels Set

06/01/20 - Backordered

The problem of accidentally dropping or unknowingly "losing" nuts, bolts, washers, and other widgets in the intake runners of the heads or lower intake plenum is no more! This is a set of 3 custom clear cover panels that you just drop into place and they serve to keep things from getting dropped down into the engine while you are working on it.

Changing spark plugs? When you pull the upper plenum off, just drop the cover panel over the lower plenum and when things are going back together you remove the cover as a last step - knowing that nothing is down in the head waiting to get sucked into the cylinder and present you with a possible rebuild.

Changing injectors or knock sensor? When you remove the lower plenum, just drop the 2 covers over the intake ports on the heads and rest assured that nothing will be dropped into those ports.

Consider these the best insurance plan for your engine when you are working on the upper end! Way better than trying to stuff an old shop rag in to the runners, which MAY or MAY NOT actually cover all the ports completely. And if something gets dropped onto that shop rag, you don't hear it, so that little washer or nut might still fall thru into the engine when you go to remove the rag! With the 3SX covers, they are a clear Lexan, so you will actually hear that nut hitting the panel alerting you you dropped it.

We have had customers call these "moron guards" :)


Don't let THIS happen to you! Protect your engine when it's apart!!


They come clear, but feel free to paint them to your preference.

Sold as a set of 3 panels as shown.


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