3SX / KBS UltraViolet UV Curing Light for KBS Patch

Ultraviolet Flashlight - UV Curing
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3SX / KBS UV Light

Designed for use in areas where direct, prolonged sunlight is not available(rockers, wheelwells, inner fenders, etc)

The KBS UV Light includes batteries and features an aircraft aluminum alloy body and is water resistant.

The included batteries will run the flashlight for 20 hours.The KBS UV Light is a lightweight, handheld UV flashlight containing 51 Ultraviolet LED bulbs for greater area coverage.

KBS UV Light Tech Specs

LEDs: 51

Bulb Type: LED 390 to 395nm

Bulb Life: 10,000 hours

Body Material: Aluminum with O-rings for water resistance

Batteries Required: 3 x AA alkaline batteries (included)

Battery Life: Approximately 20 hours on 3 AA batteries

Switch Type: Push On/Off Button

Weight: 10 oz. (285g) including batteries



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