3SX NA Exhaust Complete Custom System for Non-Turbo 3000GT / Stealth - Long Headers + Catback With or Without High Flow Catalytic Converter


3SX Custom NA Complete Engine-Back Exhaust System!!!
Non-Turbo 3000GT & Stealth
Full Stainless Steel


How does a DYNO PROVEN 20 HORSEPOWER upgrade sound?

This is the best you can get for your non-turbo exhaust system!!! This kit is a FULL 3SX engine-back fully-stainless steel exhaust! Start with our custom 3SX Long Tube Headers, leading into a high flow catalytic converter, and then into our quad-tip cat-back exhaust system.

Click on the below links/pictures for extended details about the separate components.

3SX Long Tube Headers

3SX High Flow Catalytic Converter

3SX Quad-Tip Cat-Back Exhaust

 OE-Look Polished Stainless Steel Tips


Included in the set:
NEW MADE IN THE USA 3SX Long Tube Headers

3SX High-Flow 2.5-inch NA Cat

3SX Quad-Tip Catback Exhaust

2 OEM gaskets required for between headers and catback

NOTE: This set does NOT include connecting bolts to connect the header/cat/catback - we recommend getting new galvanized steel nuts and bolts from your local hardware store.


Don't believe the hype?
The proof is in the numbers! We subjected our 96 3000GT to a battery of exhaust installation and dyno testing and have shared all the results in an FAQ article: 3SX NA Exhaust Dyno Testing. Here is the dyno graph comparing the "all stock" to "all 3SX" exhausts and showing the 20 hp gains at 6500 rpm.


This is the dyno video of the car with the full 3SX exhaust installed. Check out the 3SX NA Exhaust Dyno Testing for many more videos.


This is a much better video with the camera attached to the back of the car. It is a 96 Cali-spec car running the NEW 3SX Kooks NA Downpipe, 3SX Kooks High-Flow NA Cat, and THIS all new quad-tip full-stainless 3SX Catback Exhaust System!


On-Track In-Car Road Course Video
This is Eric's FWD NA Stealth running on the Corvette Museum 3.2-mile Road Course. He is running the 3SX Kooks Long Tube Headers, 3SX Race Pipe, and 3SX Catback.


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