3SX Non-OEM Power Steering Pump and Lines

Premium, Non-OEM parts at great prices

3SX Non-OEM Power Steering Pumps and Lines

Premium Remanufactured P/S Pumps, and New Non-OE Lines from 3SX!

(Pumps for the 91V and 92+ Available)

'91 V-Belt Pump


* Remanufactured Pump Features:100% new, premium-grade seals and     O-rings always replaced with new parts and never reused

* High-temperature double-lip Viton® seals for durability and reliability

* Cam packs are micro-finished for durable, quiet operation

* Input shaft seal surface is micro-finished for precise fit and leak-free       sealing

* Thoroughly tested in simulated driving conditions and high- and low-       pressure to ensure quality and performance


92+ Model Pump


Non-OEM Pressure Hose


OE Fitment and Appearance..crush washers included


Non-OEM P/S Return Line

Pre-Cut to OE-Length 


* Pieces are sold separately, not as a kit

** Pumps are sold WITHOUT Pulley, you will need to swap yours