3SX Performance Decals

3SX Performance Decals

Do you like to support your favorite shops? 3SX has decals for your car! We have small 2"x4" metallic silver decals.

Note: When applying the decal, its best to rub the decal with a spoon, round heel of a screwdriver, or some other hard/round/smooth object to make sure it sticks to the correct side of the paper before separating the sheets. You want the decal to separate and stay stuck to the clear sheeet (not the white paper). Once seaprated, apply to the surface, and rub with the same spoon/object as before to make sure it's well stuck to the surface. Slowly peel off the clear sheet.

NOTE: if you use Rain-X on your windows you may have issues getting the decal to stick to glass.

Picture of 3SX Decal Outside Single
3SX Decal Outside Single