3SX Rear Swaybar Weld-On Mount Brackets

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3SX Rear Swaybar Weld-On Mount Brackets

Want to improve the ride quality of your SOHC, FWD, or a NA 3000/Stealth that does not have the Rear Swaybar Mounts on the rear trailing arm? Unfortunately, Mitsubishi did not attach a rear swaybar mount on certain models, so you either had to find a trailing arm that had the mounts, or just go without. This was the only option for quite some time. Can't find a set of trailing arms with the bracket on them and think you can't mount a rear swaybar? Now you can! 3SX has come up with a bracket that WILL HAVE TO BE WELDED onto the rear trailing arm that will allow you to mount a rear swaybar on your SOHC, FWD or NA model!

Does your rear trailing arm look like this?

You can now make it look like this!

This will have to be welded onto the rear trailing arm, this will NOT bolt on. We HIGHLY recommend getting a competent welder to perform this for you since this is a suspension part to avoid any damage!

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