3SX Single Shot High Performance 3.5" Catback Exhaust!

Full-Polished Stainless Steel single-exit exhaust for 3000GT and Dodge Stealth
SKU: 3SX003505

3SX Single Shot 3.5" Exhaust - TT and NA DOHC 6G72

Finally available after years and years of being developed, 3SX has created the best performing and a great sounding exhaust for the 3000GT and Stealth! Also, for those of you that only have a single outlet at the bumper, you don't need to cut out the other side, which is required for a dual exhaust.

See the Dyno Run HERE!

( Gains compared to the fabulous Tanabe Catback )

This exhaust will fit a DOHC models of the 3000GT and Dodge Stealth - Turbo and also N/A!

The 3.5" to 3" step at the two bolt flange allows mating to the3 stock TT cat. This piece can be removed completely allowing you to mate your custom 3.5" sownpipe straight to our 3.5" exhaust for no restrictions!

After originally being only for TT cars, we created and include an extra conversion pipe to allow this to fit the Non-Turbo DOHC cars as well!

** You will Need our 2.5-3.0 Conversion Cat for a seamless installation on an NA Car with a factory NA cat.

See/Hear it on a Non-Turbo Car HERE

 ( Above pictured on a Stealth TT )

( Mounted on a DOHC NA 1996 Stealth RT)

 Here is a comparison with the Single Shot to a Tanabe.

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