3SX SMIC Side Mount Intercooler Kit - Adapter Kit

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3SX SMIC - Side Mount Intercooler Kit
Adapter Kit: IC Cores + Metal Pipes 
3000GT & Stealth with TD04 Turbos


This is a bolt on upgraded side mount intercooler and piping kit - it replaces the stock SMICs and allows tou to use the stock plumbing pipes/hoses. The 3SX Intercooler cores are developed from ground up and fits in the stock location. They offer more than DOUBLE the core volume of the stock intercooler cores, increase cooling capacity and efficiency dramatically! Piping is 2" mandrel bent aluminum tubes with couplers to adapt to the OEM rubber tubes. The 3SX SMIC Upgrade kit works WITH your AC! No need to modify/cut the inner fender or eliminate your AC!

Stock IC Core Size: 7x8x2.5"=140 C.I., Inlet/Outlet=1.6"
3SX IC Core Size: 8x9x4"=288 C.I., Inlet/Outlet=2"
205% of the Stock Core Size

All parts are developed from the ground up in our 3SX R&D department, designed and built for improved performance gains, with excellent fitment and easy installation that works WITH the factory AC without modifications to the inner fender!

-Designed by 3SX so you know it will fit your 3000/Stealth!
-Fully tested, simple easy installation without modifying the inner fender or eliminating the AC!
-Offers excellent performance gains!
-The Best Kit on the Market for the 3000/Stealth, with high quality products and less expensive than OEM or other brands!

Items Included:
-Intercooler cores, both left and right sides
-6 pipes total
-4 hoses/couplers of high quality silicone
-12 clamps