3SX Solid Adjustable Timing Tensioner 3000GT Stealth DOHC


3SX Solid Adjustable Timing Belt Tensioner
Fits 3000GT/Stealth DOHC 6G72 and 6G74

3SX offers a new design billet aluminum solid adjustable timing belt tensioner! Now you no longer have to worry about the stock hydraulic tensioner failing and causing the timing belt to jump teeth potentially catastrophically damaging your engine!

This tensioner fits all DOHC 3000GT/Steath both twin turbo and non-turbo, as well as the DOHC 6G74 motors that are used in the 3.5-liter conversions (Montero/Debonair).

This tensioner is made from solid billet aluminum with the adjustment bolt and serrated locking nut (both of these are included). It is installed and torqued using the same 2 factory bolts (available separately below) to factory torque specs (17 ft/lb per factory service manual).

Note that over time the stock belt may see a slight bit of stretch. The stock hydraulic tensioner is designed to compensate for this. Therefore, this solid adjustable tensioner may need infrequent adjustments to keep proper tension on the belt as it ages.