Aluminum Spark Plug / Valve Cover Plates - Misc. Styles


Spark Plug Cover Plates - Misc. Styles

- Machined Finish -

Dress up your engine bay and state your claim with these custom aluminum spark plug cover insert plates. They are available in a variety of styles and finishes. Make an awesome addition as is, or detail to your liking with engine paint or powdercoat. All plates come with silver allen bolts for mounting. These pictures just DON'T do justice to how amazing they look when held in hand or installed on your engine :-)


We offer the plug cover in a MACHINED ALUMINUM FINISH. These are the raw flat bar, machined to shape and hollowed out on the back for plug wire clearance, and machine engraved with the various logos.
Please note these are "raw" as described and may contain scuffs and scratches - the idea is that if you want to polish, paint, or powdercoatthe plate yourself this gives you a starting point at a lower price. 
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