3SX 360+ Piece Bolt Kit - Engine Dress UP


3SX 360+ Piece Bolt Kit - Engine Dress Up Kit

This kit is designed to replace a bunch of old / rusted / missing bolts that are in various places.

Here are a few examples of places our hardware kit cleans up in the engine bay:

Headlights / mirror to door / bumper / spark plug cover / support brackets / ac line brackets / fuel rail covers / timing covers / intercooler pipe supports / cruise control box / firewall brackets / small fuse box cover / fenders / hood light sensor bracket / radiator brackets / mounting bracket for cruise control fuse box / mounting bracket for ac line / cruise control box / top of strut housings / valve cover / fuel rails / upper plenum / throttle body

Lower Plenum Studs kit - unique feature

This kit also comes with a pair of allen wrenches to put all the new parts on the car.

(Before) This is the standard engine bay, completely stock with a couple of broken bolts.

(After) We did a lot of items on the vehicle but, we did not do them all. Just the difference with 3/4" of the kit brings the engine bay to life.

Front valve cover / front timing cover / spark plug cover

Hood Struts / Hood Hinges / Fender

Hood Struts / Hood Hinges / Fender + Strut Cap and Battery Tie down stud

Fender / Headlight / Radiator Bracket / Fuse Box / Hood Sensor

AC Bracket / Cruise Control Box / Small Fuse Box

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