3SX Stainless-Steel Braided Brake Lines


3SX Stainless-Steel Braided Brake Lines
3000GT / Stealth & Starion / Conquest

Dramatically increase your braking response with steel braided brake lines.These offer better braking with your existing setup because there is no pressure loss in the lines due to stock rubber brake lines expanding and not delivering all of the brake fluid pressure to the calipers. Our brake lines are DOT approved and all braided stainless-steel lines, available in Clear/Silver, Red, Blue, Black, and Yellow and come with silicone covers for protection and colors, and have steel end fittings. Sold in complete sets of 8 hoses.


Don't let your lines look like this!


3000GT / Stealth 1991 - 1999 Twin Turbo AWD
3000GT / Stealth 1991 - 1999 Non-Turbo FWD

Starion / Conquest owners, These lines will fit your cars as well!!!

Please order the FWD/NA set for StarQuests!!!

We also recommend getting the solid brake line connectors that go between the soft lines.

NOTE: Brake lines are platform based, so if you have done a turbo conversion (engine) to your non-turbo you still need the NA FWD lines. Likewise, if you do the VR4 Big Brake conversion to your FWD you still need the NA FWD lines.

Installation TIP for 3000GT/Stealth
When installing brake lines, use these general guidelines to get them right the first time:
* Short lines with male/female ends go into the calipers.
* FWD: Long female/female lines are front wheelwell to strut. Long male/female are rear well to other line.
* AWD: Long lines are all female/female and go well to strut (front) and connector on trailing arm (rear).


NOTE that we also offer a more comprehensive Tune-Up Kit for brakes that includes these lines, Motul brake Fluid, and SpeedBleeders.


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