3SX Stainless Steel YPipe Intake Y-Pipe 3000GT VR4 Stealth Turbo


3SX Custom Stainless Steel Intake Y-Pipe
for Twin Turbo 3000GT & Stealth

The latest new product from 3SX! Finally an intake ypipe made SPECIFICALLY for the 3000GT/Stealth! Sure there are others out there, but they are just not made quite right...

The 3SX y-pipe is made with mandrel bent stainless steel tubing. Stainless gives an advantage over an aluminum pipe in that it is stronger and less resistant to dents, dings, and crush damage. Its also MUCH easier to maintain that "bling" factor as the stainless requires only a quick mist-n-wipe whereas aluminum requires the aluminum polish and elbow grease - and that leaves you with black fingers.... YUK!

Did we say mandrel bends? Check out the nice and smoooooth interior walls - no welds to impede air flow and introduce turbulence. That makes for very efficient air flow! And to think there are CAST pipes out there! <-shudder->

The BIG advantage of the 3SX ypipe is the fact that is it sized to perfectly mate up to the stuff it connects to. GASP! What a concept! Yes, the 3SX ypipe is size-matched to the throttle body! No more expensive reducers to make that connection. No more "just clamp it down really tight, itll stay". Now, just clamp it down. It will stay But you wont be trying to clamp a 3-inch coupler to a 2.75-inch throttle body.

No more "blown y-pipe"! The blowoff/bypass valve is there to release pressure when you get off the gas, NOT the y-pipe popping off the throttle body. How annoying is THAT!? Not only does the 3SX y-pipe have a nice rolled lip at the throttle body connection, 3SX INCLUDES T-BOLT CLAMPS. Force that blow-off valve to do its job! LOL!

We include a coupler in your choice of colors. This coupler IS tight to get over the lip at the throttle body connection. But it DOES go on, and because there is a rolled lip there rather than just a jagged edge, it wont destroy your coupler at the same time! Then slide on the clamps and slide it on the throttle body.


Kit includes:
3SX Stainless Steel Y-Pipe
Silicone Coupler
2 x T-bolt Clamps



Picture of 3SX Custom Stainless Y-Pipe w BLACK Coupler + Clamps
3SX Custom Stainless Y-Pipe w BLACK Coupler + Clamps
SKU: 3SXYpipe-Black
Picture of 3SX Custom Stainless Y-Pipe - PIPE ONLY
3SX Custom Stainless Y-Pipe - PIPE ONLY
SKU: 3SXYpipe-PipeOnly