3SX Stainless "Tuner" Front Pre Cat Eliminators aka "PreCats"

Get rid of that front Pre-Cat and free up some extra HP
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3SX Stainless "Tuner" Front Pre Cat Eliminators

1/10/21 - Gen1 Backordered 

These affordable "Tuner" grade Front Pre-Cats are just the ticket to free up extra power when running a high-flow Downpipe

The Pre Cats are available for both Gen1 and Gen2 3/S TT Cars

Gen1 (Left)  -  Gen2 (Right)

304 Stainless Steel construction for many years of performance


 Note: Rear Spacer gasket (at downpipe flange) is included with Pre-Cats, but use Gasket-7002 for the top to turbo outlet flange

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