3SX TD04 Turbos - 3SX Eliminators V2 - 400+hp BILLET Turbos

3SX Custom Turbos - The 3SX Eliminators V2
"Entry-Level" & "Drop-In" Turbos
400-450hp BILLET Turbos!

They,re BACK!! We are happy to finally bring back to market some 3SX TD04 Turbos! Better than our popular 3SX Eliminators were before, these are BILLET turbos allowing for better and quicker spool, and capable of 400+awhp!

These turbos are our "entry level" turbo upgrade - the smallest upgraded turbo we offer.  But "small" is all relative as they are good for adding 100hp or more to your fun factory!  With proper fuel upgrades and other supporting modifications (intake/exhaust), these turbos are capable of exceeding 20psi peak and holding 16+ to redline.

These turbos are a direct bolt-in replacement for the stock turbos, but you will need to upgrade the fuel system to support their full capabilities (550cc injectors are recommended), as well as a fuel pump and fuel controller, such as the Apexi AFC NEO or the MAF Translator with a GM MAF, to manage the bigger injectors. These turbos can be run simply to replace worn out stock turbos with only a fuel pump upgrade but you will NOT be able to run them at their potential without injectors and a controller, as their potential far exceeds the stock turbos, capacity and can quickly outrun the stock fuel supply.

These turbos can utilize the stock intake pipes with no changes - they feature the stock inlet snout on the compressor housing, bored out to accommodate the larger compressor wheel. They feature a TD04L cartridge and hot side. All stock oil and coolant lines work (same thread pitch on the ports - M10x1.25 oil feed and M12x1.25 coolant). These turbos are made with ALL NEW INTERNALS - new cartridges/wheels/bearings/shafts. Depending on stock, new or refreshed housings may be used - currently they are NEW housings and wastegates!.

NOTE: New oil lines MUST be installed at the same time or they will NOT be covered under warranty should something go wrong with them. So... If you get these turbos and the 3SX Turbo Oil Line Kit at the same time, we,ll discount the price of the oil line kit! Don,t forget to thoroughly clean the oil cooler lines and element as well!!

NOTE: Turbo gaskets and mounting hardware are NOT included with these turbos.  You can either transfer your existing mounting studs or purchase new ones.  We always recommend new gaskets.


The Results are in the Rollers
404hp / 426tq / 19.7psi

We recently installed these turbos on a customer car and got a very solid 404hp and 426tq AT THE WHEELS at 19.7psi. This was a stock 183k motor 94 Stealth TT with basic supporting mods: Chrome ECU, Delphi 750cc injectors, Walbro 255 + Hotwire Kit, CXR FMIC, K&N Filter, PST 2pc Hybrid Driveshaft, CoilPak+PTU, OEM 60k Service, 3SX Poly Motor Mounts.


Picture of 3SX TD04 Turbos - 3SX Eliminators V2 - 400+hp Turbos PAIR
3SX TD04 Turbos - 3SX Eliminators V2 - 400+hp Turbos PAIR
SKU: Turbos3SX-Elim-PR
Picture of 3SX TD04 Turbos - 3SX Eliminators V2 - 400+hp Turbos PAIR with Oil Line Kit
3SX TD04 Turbos - 3SX Eliminators V2 - 400+hp Turbos PAIR with Oil Line Kit
SKU: Turbos3SX-Elim-PrOil
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