3SX TD04 Turbos - 3SXecutioners V2 - 600+hp BILLET Turbos - 3SX Executioners

3SX Custom Turbos - The 3SXecutioners V2
"Drop-In" TD-04 Turbos
600+hp BILLET Turbos!


They,re BACK!! We are happy to finally bring back to market some 3SX TD04 Turbos! Bigger and better than our popular 3SX Executioners ever were before, these turbos feature giant BILLET compressor wheels and a super-efficient 9-blade turbine wheel, allowing for better and quicker spool, and capable of over 600 awhp!

These turbos are about as big as we could manage and still maintain "stock fitment" with regards to exhaust manifolds and the intake system! These can keep the stock look under the hood (though a FMIC will certainly help!) but pack a serious punch that can take down almost anything else on the road! All without getting into custom manifolds and such!

While they are physically stock replacement turbos - mounting the same - they definitely require upgrades to utilize their potential. We recommend fuel injectors at least in the 750cc range and one of the larger in-tank fuel pumps (Stealth 340, Walbro 400, etc). Probably the best fuel management option would be the Chrome ECU since that is a stock replacement ECU with full tuning capabilities. Things such as intake, exhaust, and intercooler are a given to fully realize their power potential.


The 3SXecutioners feature the stock compressor housing with a custom 2-inch inlet snout, bored out to accommodate the larger compressor wheel. They feature the larger TD04HL cartridge and hot side. These turbos are made with ALL NEW INTERNALS - new cartridges/wheels/bearings/shafts. They are also NEW housings and wastegates!

These turbos CAN be used with the stock inlet pipes (pre-turbo pipes) by simply removing the rubber spacers where they go on the turbos and clamping them directly to the turbos. heck you can probably sell those little "gaskets" to someone needing the since they were never available separately! Alternately, we offer the 3SX Pre-Turbo Intake Pipes that will easily accommodate the larger turbo inlets.

NOTE: New oil lines MUST be installed at the same time or they will NOT be covered under warranty should something go wrong with them. So... If you get these turbos and the 3SX Turbo Oil Line Kit at the same time, we'll discount the price of the oil line kit! Don't forget to thoroughly clean the oil cooler lines and element as well!!

The oil and coolant ports match the stock threads: Oil inlet is M10x1.25. Coolant inlet and outlet are M12x1.25.

NOTE: Turbo gaskets and mounting hardware are NOT included with these turbos.  You can either transfer your existing mounting studs or purchase new ones.  We always recommend new gaskets.



Picture of 3SX TD04 Turbos - 3SXecutioners V2 - 600+hp Turbos PAIR
3SX TD04 Turbos - 3SXecutioners V2 - 600+hp Turbos PAIR
SKU: Turbos3SX-Exec-PR-11443
Picture of 3SX TD04 Turbos - 3SXecutioners V2 - 600+hp Turbos PAIR with Oil Line Kit
3SX TD04 Turbos - 3SXecutioners V2 - 600+hp Turbos PAIR with Oil Line Kit
SKU: Turbos3SX-Exec-PrOil-11442
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