3SX TT Downpipe Stainless Steel 3000GT Stealth - Gen2 94-99


3SX TT Downpipe SS 94-99 Gen 2 



3SX re-introduces our own custom made downpipe to fit the 3000GT VR-4 and Stealth Twin Turbo models! This fully stainless steel pipe features swivel flanges on all three ends to mate to stock or aftermarket pre-cats and the main cat. It has 2.5" piping from the pre-cats, mandrel bent to merge the air into a 3" pipe, through a flex-section, and out a 3" rear flange.

By not eliminating any of the catalytic converters, you have the most options for setting up your complete exhaust system. This will mate up to the stock main cat or one of the Kooks high-flow catalytic converters or a test pipe, and you can use the stock pre-cats or pre-cat eliminators if you choose!

The flex section means you wont have to worry about exhaust components cracking due to motor movement (we strongly recommend you check your mounts as bad mounts will damage the downpipe due to excessive engine movement). It even uses the stock hanger.


NOTE:  We recommend you check your motor mounts if you still have the original mounts. Worn motor mounts can cause damage to the flex section, as well as transmission/axle seals, vacuum lines, and other components attached to the engine.

NOTE 2: These are for OBD2 Gen2 Cars, with 2 O2 Bungs in Downpipe



Add the 3SX/Kooks High Flow Cat and/or 3SX Stainless Race Pipe and save over the price of them separately!


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