3SX TT Twin Turbo Race Pipe Test Pipe 3.0 inch STAINLESS STEEL


3SX Twin Turbo 3.0-inch Race Pipe - TT/VR4

3SX offers a straight-through race pipe that directly replaces the factory catalytic converter. This is the ultimate in eliminating exhaust restrictions. :-) This pipe will work with the 3SX TT Downpipe, the factory downpipe, or any other downpipe that does not eliminate the main catalytic converter. Likewise, it will bolt directly up to any aftermarket cat-back exhaust system designed to mate up to a stock system. The catch-22, however, is that they are NOT emission legal so your car will not pass emissions inspections with this pipe installed.

NOTE: This is for the pipe only, gaskets are sold separately.



NOTE: These pipes are right at 17 inches long (~43cm).  It has been brought to our attention that some GTO models (Non-USA) may have a main catalytic converter that is a shorter length and have a sensor just after the main cat.  If you are outside the USA, please measure your cat length to confirm fitment.

NOTE2: Due to the age of the cars at this point, we recommend using new mounting bolts/washers/nuts rather than the stock studs, which will likely have to be cut off during removal anyway.  Mounting hardware is not included with the race pipe, it can be found at your local hardware store.



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