3SX TT / VR4 Pre-Cat Eliminator Pipe Rear PreCat 3000GT/Stealth

3SX TT PreCat Eliminator Pipe - REAR
3000GT VR4 / Stealth TT


We finally have another batch of our rear pre-cat eliminator pipes for the TT/VR4 engines. This pipe directly replaces the factory small catalytic converter that is bolted to the rear turbo and goes to the downpipe. The rear primary O2 sensor mounts in it and the EGR pipe connects to it.

This catless pipe replaces that pipe and has the mount to O2 sensor and EGR pipe, but offers a much less restrictive exhaust flow.

The pipe includes the 3 gaskets as pictured.



The threads for connecting to the downpipe are M12x1.25 - mounting hardware is not included. 

We worked with the manufacturer to have a little better clearance for the mounting studs/nuts on the sides of the pipe from earlier versions. Note from the pictures below, use of a flanged nut may overlap the welds where the pipe meets the flange. The nut will still secure the precat pipe to the turbo, or you may opt to use a non-flanged nut, or include a lock-washer between the nut and flange to fill in the space against the flange (we include 4 lock washers with the pipe).



3SX TT PreCat Eliminator REAR w Gaskets TT/VR4 91-93
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3SX TT PreCat Eliminator REAR w Gaskets TT/VR4 94-99
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